Shareholder Protection Insurance

If a shareholder in your company were to die could you afford to purchase their shares? If the answer is no, it may be time to think about Shareholder Protection to help you protect the future of your business and its ownership.

Shareholder protection safeguards you and your business against the death or terminal illness of the business owner, and their shares being passed on to families, who in turn may sell to hostile parties or competitor. It allows you to maintain control, stability and continuity of your business in a time of difficulty.

At First Financial Solutions in Neath we have a group of experienced advisers who will make sure we completely understand your business; we will use this to find you the perfect cover for your needs at the best price.

Once the policy is selected we’ll help you to fill out the paperwork and ensure no mistakes are made in the protection of your business.

For further details, speak to a member of the First Financial Solutions Team on 01639 262222 or contact us directly via email.

*Tax treatment varies according to individual circumstances and is subject to change.

 Information regarding taxation levels and basis of reliefs are dependent on current legislation and individual circumstances, are not   guaranteed and may be subject to change.

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