Relevant Life Cover

Relevant life cover is a tax-efficient life insurance policy. It provides businesses the option to provide a death-in-service benefit to its employees, including directors. The company sets it up on their employee’s behalf, then if a successful claim is made due to the death or terminal illnesses of the insured employee, their family or financial dependants receive a tax-free lump sum.

Not only can it provide small business with an attractive benefit packages to attract and retain high quality talent, but it can also be a tax-efficient way for directors to take our life insurance.

At First Financial Solutions in Neath we have a group of experienced advisers who will make sure we completely understand your business and it’s needs; we will use this to search the whole of market and find you the perfect cover at the best price.

For further details, speak to a member of the First Financial Solutions Team on 01639 262222 or contact us directly via email.

*HM Revenue and Customs practice and the law relating to taxation are complex and subject to individual circumstances and changes which cannot be foreseen.

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