Yes, it should.

Every New Year we all jot down a list of resolutions that we intend on sticking to for the upcoming year ahead. These are usually resolutions that might help us to be more active, lose weight or help our finances, but shouldn’t we do something a bit more practical and something that could really benefit the future should the worst happen? Say, taking out Life insurance?

That’s why First Financial Solutions recommend life insurance be your resolution!

We understand that discussing life after death is not easy and can be uncomfortable for most, but it’s something that is guaranteed to happen to us all, so it’s best to tackle the situation head-on to protect and prevent any financial burden for your loved ones.

You should consider life insurance if:

You have a family

Once you’ve started a family, there are responsibilities. Others are dependent on you and if one parent dies, a financial burden could fall upon the other parent. By taking out life insurance, you are allowing your children and loved ones to remain financially stable and proceed to live their lives as normal as they can be.

A recent passing

If a loved one has recently passed, alarm bells might be ringing, and you may wish to take out life insurance. Life is short, and a recent death may be the wake up call you needed. You may have seen someone struggle financially after a loss, a situation you don’t want to leave your loved ones in should the worst happen unexpectedly.

You have an illness

If you are suffering an illness there is nothing worse than having to prepare for the worst. It may not be easy coming to terms with the illness but getting life insurance may be the financial cushion your loved ones need should you pass and provide comfort for you.

If you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition, Critical illness cover can help you and your loved ones cope financially.

You’re a homeowner

Once you’ve purchased a house, many of us don’t consider any other finances other than a mortgage, but say a pivotal member of the household passed, would another member of the household be able to withstand mortgage repayments without you?

If you want to make Life Insurance your primary resolution, we can help. Contact one of our expert financial advisers today, they will be able to provide you with clear information and advise you on the best life insurance policies for you. Call us on 01639 262222 or click here to send us an email.