Acquiring a commercial mortgage is a complex process which can quickly become confusing. But it needn’t be.

A good commercial mortgage broker is there to help and support you through the process and ensure you get the best and most suitable deal. They will usually work with a number of financial institutions and may be able to offer a range of ‘deals’ so that you can select the most appropriate for your business and it’s objectives.  But it doesn’t stop there.

  1. Experience and Knowledge

Obtaining finance for a commercial mortgage can be complicated, the is much that has to be taken into consideration. This includes everything from understanding your business’ financial standing and cash flow, to the large variety of interest rates, repayment choices and other options that will be available to you. A broker has the experience and knowledge to process this information and advise you on what products and services are best suited to your needs, ensuring that you get the best deal possible.

Here at First Financial Solutions, we pride ourselves on our first-class client experience and knowledge of the commercial finance sector. Whatever your circumstances, the chances are that we have dealt with a similar situation before. Each application brings about its own challenges and our team has the tools to overcome them and source you the most appropriate deal.

  1. We are on your side

When you go directly to a bank they are selling you their own product. A broker works for you; they have your best interest in mind in everything they do. Especially an independent broker such as Frist Financial Solutions. We able to search the whole of market for you, which means you will have a far wider range of options available to you.

You will receive unbiased advice.

  1. Time-saving

Running a business is time consuming.  A broker will handle the process for you, from sourcing finance to managing your application through to completion. Whilst you will be kept in the loop throughout, a commercial finance broker will enable you to give your full attention.

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