Help-to-Buy ISA – Don’t worry, your saving has not been in vain

If you are a First-Time-Buyer, you may have seen the articles in the news this past weekend on how the 500,000 people who have taken advantage of the Help-to-Buy ISA scheme to pay for a deposit on their first home have been ‘scammed’.

Don’t freak out just yet! Your dreams of home ownership may still be realised so please read on. (more…)

Brexit and Remortgaging

The Brexit vote is without doubt the most significant change that the UK has seen in decades. This has caused confusion in many areas including the housing market.  But what does Brexit mean for house prices and the housing market?  (more…)

You’re the only one holding the baby!

Since 2011 the number of start-ups businesses launched in Britain has significantly increased year-on-year. Today alone there have been 2476 new businesses launched.

Whether you’re at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey with your business already launched, or you are just thinking about starting your own business – key person insurance should be on your list of essential things to consider. (more…)

Why Use a Mortgage Broker?

Buying your first home, moving home or re-mortgaging can involve a number of costs. Understandably you will want to save money where possible, and will ask yourself why you should pay for a mortgage broker service. What can a mortgage broker can do that you can’t? (more…)

To take out a commercial mortgage or to rent? That is the question!

Deciding on whether to purchase a commercial property is a huge decision.

The majority of us need to take out a commercial mortgage to help finance the purchase.  Buy why would we do that when it can be just as easy, if not easier, to rent?

Have a look at our thoughts on the pros and cons of taking out a commercial mortgage, as opposed to renting your business premises. (more…)

Buy-to-let tax changes – what’s still to come

In recent months there has been much discussion surrounding the purchase of second homes and buy-to-let investments – most of which has focused on tax changes being implemented by the Government.

One of the first changes was the new Stamp Duty Land Tax surcharge. This came into play on April 1st, 2016 and has resulted in a hefty 3% added to the up-front cost faced by buy-to-let investors purchasing new properties. The new buy-to-let premium means investors now pay 3% rather than zero on the first £125,000 and 5% rather than 2% on the remainder.

Now the countdown has begun for the newer tax changes that take effect in Spring 2017. (more…)

Key Person Insurance – What is it and why does your business need it?

Key Person cooldesignWhilst we all like to be equal – the harsh reality is in that small businesses particularly, there are key people who are more crucial to our ongoing business than others.

Key person insurance (also known as key man insurance), ensures that the business is financially protected from the loss or absence of the people/person who are so crucial that their extended absence would see a loss in profits (or even just a more general financial loss from recruitment and training of a replacement, customers losing confidence in the company or loss of contracts established by that key person). (more…)