What other fees accompany a commercial mortgage?

A commercial mortgage is any loan secured on a property which is not your residence. Each premise, and the person applying for the mortgage, will be different, therefore each loan is assessed individually and priced in accordance with its risks. (more…)

Not just business – it’s personal

There are 5.4 million companies in the UK and more than 90% have less than ten employees. That is a large chunk of businesses within which success and failure is resting on a limited number of people. If you own or work in a small business, you’ll probably recognise the increased workload and mad rush when someone is off unexpectedly for a few days.  (more…)

The benefits of using a commercial mortgage broker

Acquiring a commercial mortgage is a complex process which can quickly become confusing. But it needn’t be.

A good commercial mortgage broker is there to help and support you through the process and ensure you get the best and most suitable deal. They will usually work with a number of financial institutions and may be able to offer a range of ‘deals’ so that you can select the most appropriate for your business and it’s objectives.  But it doesn’t stop there. (more…)

Help-to-Buy ISA – Don’t worry, your saving has not been in vain

If you are a First-Time-Buyer, you may have seen the articles in the news this past weekend on how the 500,000 people who have taken advantage of the Help-to-Buy ISA scheme to pay for a deposit on their first home have been ‘scammed’.

Don’t freak out just yet! Your dreams of home ownership may still be realised so please read on. (more…)