3 tips to help you save a deposit for your first house

You feel ready to purchase your first house and take on the responsibilities that come with it – but you need to save for a deposit.

Saving up for a deposit may seem difficult and can test your patience, but having a sizeable deposit has many benefits. It means you could be offered better mortgage rates due to reduced risk for the lender and it provides them with confidence in your ability to budget, save, and therefore be able to meet your monthly repayments. (more…)

Business Loan Protection: What is it?

As the name suggests, business loan protection is a type of insurance policy that is designed to pay off part of or all, of a business’ debts should a key employee die or suffer from a critical illness. Currently, a study has found that 65% of British SMEs have some form of business debt, with the average borrowing being £176,000, and being unable to repay these loans can turn into a serious issue quickly. (more…)

Four ways to protect your business from personal misfortune

No matter how much we wish we could, we can’t predict the future. Tragedy can happen to anyone, at any time. Whether it’s the death of a close relative or being diagnosed yourself with a serious illness, planning for life’s misfortunes could be the difference to your business surviving or not. (more…)

Is this your chance to get on the property ladder?

Want to purchase your own home but unable to save a large enough deposit to secure a mortgage that falls within four and a half times your annual income?  Or is the house you love slightly outside your mortgage reach? It could now be a lot easier for you to borrow a larger mortgage. (more…)