Is this your chance to get on the property ladder?

Want to purchase your own home but unable to save a large enough deposit to secure a mortgage that falls within four and a half times your annual income?  Or is the house you love slightly outside your mortgage reach? It could now be a lot easier for you to borrow a larger mortgage. (more…)

Is commercial property the new buy-to-let?

In the last three years, the number of buy-to-let landlords who have turned their hand to commercial property investment has tripled, this news comes just three months before the newer and tougher tax regime for buy-to-let properties comes into full force, which is likely to result in thousands of landlords falling into loss-making territory. (more…)

What other fees accompany a commercial mortgage?

A commercial mortgage is any loan secured on a property which is not your residence. Each premise, and the person applying for the mortgage, will be different, therefore each loan is assessed individually and priced in accordance with its risks. (more…)